Don’t Give Up

This time of year is all about giving something up (usually chocolate before you splurge out on chocolate eggs for Easter), but how often to do actually make it through without cheating a little bit? That’s why this year we think it might be a good idea to enhance your life by adding something instead of taking something away…

These days people are all about trying to make themselves better and change things about themselves, which is all good, but sometimes we forget about how great we already are. This morning you’ve got out of bed which you should be thanking your body for as something as small as that can be a struggle for a lot of people. Learn to love your body as it does an awful lot for you, and add things to your body that will improve it.

What to add? 

Eat more and healthier…Even if you’re trying to lose weight, which is usually about calorie deficit there are still a lot of things you can add to your life to help you lose weight. A lot of the time, people think that they are eating enough, but in reality they aren’t. How often have you gone a whole day and all you’ve had is a slice of toast at 9am? Then you pig out in the evening but you’ve probably still not eaten enough if you’ve been moving about all day and topped it off with a PT session. So there’s the first thing, add more healthy and wholesome foods.

Drink more water...This is another thing that a lot of people tend to forget about and a lot of us confuse thirst with hunger and then end up eating. Keep a large bottle of water with you throughout the day so you’ll constantly be reminded that you need to keep drinking, or download an app that tells you when to drink water. If you’re drinking more then you’re less likely to eat too much, you’ll have clearer skin, more energy and in general feel better.

A new workout…Sometimes we can get bored and complacent with our workouts which mean we aren’t hitting our goals because we aren’t giving it 100%. Doing a new workout can re-inspire you to stay active, whether it’s joining our box fit classes or mixing it up with weekly swim in-between session, doing something new can really help you get out of that plateau.

More sleep…There are very few of us that could say we get enough sleep. That’s because we strive to be busy all of the time and burn ourselves out, leaving little time for rest. Build yourself up little by little, aim for a week of 30 minutes more sleep and then keep adding time until you’re at a point where you’re feeling refreshed when waking up in the mornings. Anything between 6-8 hours is a good average.

So there you go, here are a few things you can do to enhance your life instead of taking something away and making yourself miserable.


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