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Fill out your details below to apply for one of the remaining spaces for the 6 Week Fitness Kick Start Challenge

This is for you if;

  • You're driven, committed and motivated to lose 20lbs of body fat in the next 6 weeks
  • You can train at least 3 times a week at our indoor luxury fitness facility in Stockport (SK1 1SE)
  • You're ready to improve your diet, habits & lifestyle so that you can maximise results in the quickest time
  • You're looking for somewhere to not only have fun whilst working out but also make friends for life
  • You're ready to invest just £59 to achieve your goals

Here's how we'll get results;

  • Introduction session - to get you started off in the best way. This is where you will meet the team and the other challengers before starting and where we will go over everything you need to know to achieve unbelievable results in just 6 weeks
  • at least 3 Workouts Each Week - in Stockport. You'll have unlimited access to our 30 minute HIIT Club sessions that are perfect for any level of fitness
  • Session Times are; 630am, 7am, 930am, 1230pm, 545pm, 630pm, 7pm & 8pm
  • Includes a fat loss Nutrition Plan - that involves eating plenty of amazing tasting food the whole family can enjoy (no fad diets) with hundreds of tasty recipes to choose from
  • Help And Support - each step of the way from all the team, PLUS our community group of other ladies who are both members and others on the challenge to keep the support going when you're not in the gym, and motivation high
  • Progress Assessments - to monitor your results and encourage you to not let the scales steal your smile. Pictures & measurements will be taken during week 1 and week 6 for you to smile at the end and be proud of the journey!

Apply Now!



Hi, I'm Damien...

and I started The Lean Body Project with my partner Lianne back in 2013, after over 15 years experience in the fitness idustry

Over the years I have tried and tested a number of ways to help busy women get the results they have always wanted, whilst enjoying it at the same time.  LBP’s unique selling point is not only being the #1 Body Transformation facility in Stockport but also the #1 Community of women who support, motivate and inspire each other to suceed

Lianne was always intimidated going into gyms and hated that no one would say hello, know her name or pay attention to her goals.  We want to change all that.  You will always be greeted with a hello and a smile. You’ll be introduced to the members so you immediately feel like you have made a new friend – and all our members are now best friends for life

Together with an amazing team of experienced coaches that we have in Liam, Chris, Alex & Eryn and the best support staff in Gemma & Rachel – we have created something really special that guarantee results and a great time in achieving them!

Whether you have a work out buddy at the moment or whether you are looking for one – LBP will welcome you in, show you the way and help you get the results you’ve been trying to achive

It’s Easy When You Know How



My Last in-take sold out in just 10 days

Strictly LIMITED TO 20 SPOTS for this as it’s my job to focus on giving all members 100% attention. That means I want you succeed, and I will be giving you all the help that you need.

By application only! Once the spots are full, this will close down!

I’ll be helping and coaching you to get in shape and feeling more energised over the 6 weeks.

How will we do that?

You won’t…

  • Be doing any fad diets
  • Starving yourself thing
  • Having to learn a bunch of weird nutritional science
  • Be doing hours of ‘boring’ cardio
  • Run you into the ground like some twisted Army Drill Sergeant
  • Or any other rubbish like that…

Instead, you will…

  • Get a proven nutrition system to help you make progress (whilst still enjoying the food and drink you love)
  • Be pushed within YOUR limits to improve strength and fitness
  • Take part in as many HIIT workouts each week as you want/can
  • Become part of a group of other ladies working towards the same goals
  • Have the support and coaching you need to finally get in shape

If you want to experience all of that, and finally crack the whole “new year, new me” thing, then don’t mess about wasting any more time…