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It’s hard getting up in the mornings on the best of days, but if you aren’t feeling particularly great it can be like climbing a mountain. There is nothing worse than waking up and dreading the day ahead, thinking about all of the things you don’t want to do, it’s the worst way to start your day. It’s all about gratitude, remembering what you have and appreciating it, so we’ve come up with a list of 10 things to help you feel happier in the mornings…

​     Be prepared 

Get everything ready the night before, have your clothes ready in a pile, have your lunch ready to grab and go. Not only will this save time, but you’ll feel a lot less stressed running about which can cause you to be unsettled throughout the rest of the day.

Keep away from the news 

Ever heard the expression no news is good news? That’s exactly right! Waking up and hearing all about the negative goings on will set you up with a negative mindset, instead, read a book or read your favourite magazine.


You’ve been lay in a static position for 6 hours plus, your body is dying to move about and stretch. The best thing to do would be some yoga, but if that all seems like a bit too much right now, just spend a couple of minutes lengthening the limbs and get your body ready for the day.

Sleep earlier 

If you wake up feeling tired and exhausted then you’re not getting enough sleep. Even if you think you’re getting enough, you might be waking in the night which is causing you to be unsettled during sleep. Try getting to sleep earlier and see how that helps.

Don’t use your phone

A lot of us work on our phones now so when we wake up the first thing we do is check our emails or scroll on social media. STOP. Your eyes don’t need a bright screen first thing, let them adjust to the natural light first.


Have a delicious breakfast 

What’s a better way to tempt your tastebuds in the morning than with a delicious breakfast? Looking forward to your eggs benedict is a great reason to get out of bed, plus filling yourself with a high protein, nutritious meal will keep your fuller throughout the day.


Nothing is going to wake you up more than a sweaty HIIT session or a 10 minute walk in the fresh air. No matter what the intensity is, squeeze in 10-20 minutes of light to intense exercise in the morning and you’ll be full of endorphins.

Breathe & meditate 

You wake up and instantly think about think about all of the things you’ve got to do, sound familiar? Well that’s a very easy way to increase your stress levels in the morning. Instead, before you do anything, take 5 minutes or more to just sit and breathe…

Listen to a song you love 

Feeling blue? Nothing like listening to your favourite song to get you into the swing of things. Listening to music cheers everyone up so why not start your day in the cheeriest way.

Read a motivational quote 

Whether it’s Obama, Will Smith or Oprah, read something that really lifts you up and you’ll be inspired to stay motivated towards your goal throughout the day.


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